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  1. Sorry, I haven't visited any spas in QC. Malayo na sa house ko.
  2. So there are my ten-cents' worth of inputs to this forum. Hope they are somehow helpful for the members who would like to have some spa experience in Pasay. Happy cruising!
  3. Blue Room Spa (Taft Ave.) Recipient of excellence awards although I'm not sure this spa deserves them because the place and its facilities have seen better days. There used to be beds although recently the legs have been sawed off so they now just have low box-type leatherette beds (I don't know how to name them. hehehe). Aircon at the third floor is quite noisy. Fourth floor AC hardly gives comfort so the cubicle needs to be provided with a fan. Funny thing is, I keep on coming back. Just to try out the therapists (there are a number of them). Luckily, I've experienced the best ther
  4. eSpa (near AMCM). Very spacious and inviting reception area. Spacious cubicles. Aircon is at the far end so you would wish to be assigned to a cubicle near it. Downside is the noise created by vehicles down Taft Ave. Mood music sometimes. Been there four times, with extreme results. Downright disgusting DA. Didn't know how to massage. Good thing he's no longer there (or at least his name and pic do not appear in the available tonight list). KE is good. Talkative and fun to be with. I had MA twice. Good-looking chap. Gives a good massage as well. But he's no longer there. He's in
  5. Unique Touch Spa (Harrison). Been there three times. Had my first experience of a coffee scrub with DA. I don't know if this is still being offered, but I kind of liked the feeling of being body-scrubbed (a first) and smelling like coffee all over. Actually woke me up instead of putting me to sleep on account of a good massage. DA is still there. Tried BR but he was new at the time. Was sort of trembling really, so we just ended up talking. To-die-for handsomeness, someone straight out of a male beaucon. He's not there anymore. DR gave the best massage among the three. He's talkative and
  6. Magnifico Spa (Buendia). Next please. Kryptonite Spa (Libertad). Been there only twice. No bed, just mattress on the floor. Reception area has the smell and ambiance of a "serious" spa, if there's such a thing nowadays. Aircon is working properly. Cubicles are quite small. The only drawback for me is it's too close to my home for comfort.
  7. Velvet Wellness Spa. Clean. Aircon in very good working condition. Spacious cubicles, with option for couple's cubicle. Has only two male therapists. They're twins actually. Both are well-trained therapists, which I think also goes with experience (been visiting them for more than three years already). I felt comfortable immediately with both of them, although I've gotten used to RE. RE is quite reserved. RI is the more sensual of the two, and more malambing and talkative. There's mood music and dim lights although you can still visibly recognize your therapist. For newbies, this is a very goo
  8. I have tried a number of spas in Pasay and I've had a mix of great, not so great, to downright mediocre massages. Let's see. Velvet Wellness Spa (Libertad). Kryptonite (Libertad). Magnifico (Buendia). Unique Touch (Harrison). eSpa (near AMCM). Blue Room Spa (Taft Ave.) The last three have FB accounts that I know of so you can reference them online.
  9. Kenko Spa at Network Hotel

  10. Any recommendations for spas in Pasay?
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