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  1. Usual crowd: 30% = Professional guys (manager looking) 20% = Trippers 20% = Foreigners (Japanese, even white guys who goes ALL OUT and walang tuwalya) 20% = straight guys (mga juvenile sa ganito haha) 10% = Old guys Be careful when you do some fun kasi biglang pumapasok yung mga spa employees to perpetually check the sauna and cubicles. if you know how to timing, you can maximize the fun.
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    Usual crowd: 20% = Seniors 30% = chubby 10% = really handsome guys but are rather choosy 40% = looking for some action guys Guys really come here to look for some “fun”. Magugulat ka na lang pagpasok mo sa Sauna, may gangbang hahaha. Dami ring good looking guys kaso either professional escorts looking for clients or talagang choosy.
  3. Been here for a LOT of times because their massage is really good (legit) if you are looking for some action, their usual crowd are as follows: 30% = Old Guys (like senior) 30% = Straight Japanese guys 40% = Straight looking guys looking for fun People are nice there. Just be discreet. There are some who are even willing to guard the doors just to watch you while you do your “thing”