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  1. The massage is good. 2 things I’ve had problem with is: Iisa yun hot shower. Before and after my massage there were 2 guys on the room. After my massage, the 2 guys who were there before me had to share the hot shower. Fell asleep waiting, then another 2 came in. Then another 1 na nagpapascrub. Dahil on going yun massage nila pinauna ko sila. After the shower, I put on fresh set of clothes and went down. Then the biggest dissappointment happened. I gave a 1 thousand bill to the receptionist. I was waiting for my change but she was staring at me. Then gave her a perplexed look. She answered “pakisulat din po yun tip.” I have been to other spas and normally, they give you the change first before insinuating for a tip. So I wrote 50 php. She gave me 500 php then started to sermon me about not following their 10-min only rule. So I answered back qnd her there were ll3 guys who had to shower before me. The receptionist then raised her voice, angered by the fact that I pointed out what she did wrong and repeatedly said I was not following their policy and that I was “bastos” probably for answering back. She sounded like a parent who is never on the wrong. I went out she followed me a locked the door. Pissed at how I was treated I tried going back in and saw she on her mobile declaring her side of the story. I knocked once, she stayed behind the counter on the phone. To scare her, I grabbed my mobile and pretended to get a picture of her. She ducked behind the counter and crawled to their receiving area. I tried to leave. A few steps away, I felt the treatment I just received did not merit a tip so I knocked again. She was still on the phone. I knocked again and motioned she open the door. She yelled “Antayin mo boss ko! Bastos ka! Di ka marunong sumunod sa policy namin!” I yelled back asking for the tip. I know it’s not much but heck I am already pissed. She then threatens to call the baranggay as I was bastos I challenged her to do so. Since she already called me bastos, I gave her bastos. I called her fat and said she’s probably still single. Having the upper hand, I stepped away from the door about to leave and she comes out yelling again. So I turned back to answer her. She was now accompanied by the male receptionist I chanced upon a few visits back. He asked what happened. While I was explaining my side. The female receptionist kept interrupting saying I am their most bastos client ever. She insisted she knows everything and she’s been working there for a long time now and threatened that I can no longer go back there. As if I will. I asked to get my tip back as I felt the overall service did not merit tip. The male receptionist calmly explained the tip will not go to the receptionist but to the therapist. I ended the conversation saying “mataba kasi kaya highblood!”